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Kamino: Training Map (v0.8 )

Kamino: Training Map (v0.8 )

When I saw the chapter number 1 (Clone Cadets) of the Season 3 of The Clone Wars, I wanted to make this map. And here it is!




Put the KTM folder in /Star Wars Battlefront 2/GameData/addon/ folder. If the "addon" folder doesn't exists, create it.


Delete the KTM folder of your /Star Wars Battlefront 2/GameData/addon/ folder.


Me, ZunaSW
genaral_mitch - skin of cadet clones.
Anakin - fixed skin of cadet clones.
Lucasfilm, creators of The Clone Wars - Loadscreen
Weapons (Caleb1117):
- DC-15a blaster rifle
Pahricida - The creator of the model. Originally intended for MovieBattles 2 (a Jedi
Academy modification), it has since been imported to Battlefront II.
wazmol69 - For exporting the model to Battlefront II without a single polygon or UV
Rekubot - For resizing the rifle and adjusting the grip.
- Z-6 Rotary Canon
Caleb1117 Models
Syth Imporoved chaingun animations for the Under Handed Chaingun
- DC-15s Blaster Carbine

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